Yoga for weight loss

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5 min readDec 25, 2017


In today’s life over weighted body is a major problem for most of the peoples because of today’s sitting job culture which creates lots of physical problems for us. In this case losing body weight brings a lot of dedication, commitment, and discipline in our lifestyle.

To lose weight, we try various types of diets and workouts but most of time peoples lose their hope because of intense workout and limited food intake. The vicious circle goes on, and body also starts gaining weight again and next time when you plan for any weight lose program then the body takes longer to break the pattern of losing weight. So this time you train yourself to lose weight, you will have to put more effort to achieve your goal. One need to work harder than previously, after doing hard workouts and strict dieting if you will not get the desired results then it will lead you to mental depression and kind of negative environment where you never will be able to push yourself to that limit to achieve your goals.

Most of the yoga posses will help you lose weight in different ways, some posses are better than other posses so try to add more yoga posses in your daily practice or increase the sets of the regular yoga posses you usually use to do and definitely you will see the results in very short time period.
Our eating habits, busy schedules, workload and daily lifestyle puts bad effect on our health due to which our body gains weight very faster. But practicing yoga on a daily basis always helps us to lose weight. The fact that yoga brings mind, body, and soul on the same platform, it leaves one refreshed even after a mild session of Yoga.

Doing different Yoga activates the system and brings so much energy into you which will definitely help you to stay energized for entire day. Continuously practicing yoga our body will reach at a level of awareness so your body becomes such, it will just consume what is needed for it. It will not consume anything more. By doing some other exercises or dieting, we are always trying to control ourselves but by yoga practices, we do not have to control ourselves. Yoga will mould our body in such way that our body will not allow us to consume more than needed. This is the big benefit of yoga.

The human muscular system is a phenomenal thing. What our muscles can do is fantastic. And this can be enhanced by strengthening them, but at the same time making them very flexible. If you do a lot of weights, your muscles will look big but without flexibility. If you see people who have grown big muscles, they cannot do a Namaskar properly. They cannot even bend.

Role of Yoga’s in weight loss. Regularly practicing yoga will keep you fresher and more energetic than before after the yoga practice. Yoga considered being more of aerobic exercise burns less calories during the workout compared to other strenuous workouts which are as effective. Yoga is a slow process but it cuts the fat as a knife cuts the butter. Below given are some of the best Yoga poses which can help you to lose the body fat.

  • Surya Namaskar: Combination of 12 yoga poses to form a sequence called Surya Namaskar. This is the best yoga has to offer as far as the poses are concerned. It works on the whole body especially on the big muscle group. A beginner can start with a few rounds of it and gradually increase the no. of rounds. It also known as king of the asanas.
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Surya Namaskar
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  • Bow Pose: This pose not only helps in burning the fat but also helps in toning of arms and legs muscles. You will feel the stretch in the abdominal region while practicing this pose but this stretch will help you to lose the fat in the abdominal region. Continuous practicing of Bow Pose helps in melting the loosen belly fat.
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Bow Pose

Side Bends: It’s as important to work on muscles in the stomach region as often as working on other muscles group. After a certain age the body stops to grow and the fat starts accumulating in the stomach region. Side bends helps to melt those love handles. These bends might not help to burn a lot of calories but will be instrumental in inch loss. Don’t be surprised if you need to wear belts as your pants will be loose the next time.

  • Warrior Pose: This pose strengthens the hamstrings, thighs, legs and ankles because the body weight gets transferred to the thighs when we bend forward. Regularly Practicing warrior pose stimulates abdominal which helps increasing the body stamina and it will help you to keep going over a longer period of time.
Warrior Pose
  • Cobra Pose: This is the pose which works on the chest and the back region. This pose helps you to take deep breath which helps your heart to pump more oxygenated blood to different parts of your body and oxygenated blood helps to burn the fat and it also helps in toning the buttocks.
Cobra Pose

These yoga poses can work miraculously on the body but as we know that losing weight have so many other factors which cannot be avoided. A disciplined lifestyle and good eating habits can take you long way to the desired body.

Regular yoga practice will always help you to develop the body and mind by bringing a lot of health benefits but we can’t consider it as a substitute for medicine because medicine plays a different role in curing body and health problems.