How to Fight Mental and Physical Stress with Yoga

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3 min readDec 21, 2020

To reduce stress, it is good to treat it in time. If you want to treat stress without taking drugs, then the easiest and most effective treatment is yoga. Yoga keeps you away from all kinds of physical, mental, or innovative stress.

Among the classical yoga methods, yoga is a mind-body practice through which the body, mind, and brain can be fully recovered. By staying healthy for all three, you feel healthy. Not only diseases are diagnosed through yoga, but by adopting it many physical and mental stress and problems can also be removed.

Understanding Yoga

Yoga is a five thousand year old style of Indian knowledge. It is not just exercise, but science based physical activity. In this, the brain, body and soul meet each other. The complete essence of lifestyle has been imbibed in yoga science.

“Yoga is not just exercise and posture. It is a spiritual height with emotional integration and a touch of mystic element, which gives you a glimpse of something beyond all imagination.”

Several studies have found that a little yoga in the morning can reduce stress at night or even a lunch break. It is believed that yoga is very effective for relieving stress because along with the physical benefits of yoga, they train to improve overall health.

Components of yoga:

1 Yoga poses:- Yoga poses, is a sitting, standing, and laying down position that called postures and Asana. It is a series of movements to loosen tense muscles in the body.

2. Breathing:- Bringing the mind to the present moment while doing yoga. Breathing is your closest companion. By paying attention to breathing, we are also able to influence the mind. For this, take the help of Kapalbhati, and Anulom-Vilom.

3. Meditation:- Meditation is not a technique, but it is a way to live a life in the right way. it is the easiest and useful way to remain relaxed.

Mental and Physical Stress with Yoga

Yoga regulates body, mind, and breathing, which are often affected by stress. It combines stress-reducing techniques that affect us emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, relationally, and physically.

It techniques such as exercise, meditation, and relaxation will help relieve stress that makes you feel better.


According to research, regular yoga exercises have an antidepressant effect. Yoga exercise is a physical exercise that will bring remarkable changes in your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your mind. This causes stress and depression as well as other mental problems. Apart from this, it is helpful in increasing immunity by increasing the energy level in the body.


Meditation is beneficial to relieve stress. It provides mental peace in life.

Yoga practice is ideally perfect co-ordination of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation, and ancient yoga science and all of these have given many anxious people the ability to re-recover as well as to live life positively again. There is a focus on breathing, relieving the thoughts of vain which are the root causes of stress.


A relaxation technique helps relieve stress and fatigue of any kind; don’t think too much. Even thinking more, a person gets under stress. It has been proved on a scientific level that the amount of this stress hormone can reduce considerably by regular relaxation exercises.